Welcome to Mikawa Daihatsu

Founded in 1933, we are Japan’s largest and oldest authorized Daihatsu distributor. We place the greatest weight in customer satisfaction, quality products and building long-term trusted relationships with our customers.

We always have at least 600 used cars in inventory in Japan and another 100 in our showroom in Dubai, UAE. We also accept customer’s inquires for any cars not listed here. So please feel free to contact us at any time.

We don’t often purchase vehicles from auction because the prices between quality/condition are inconsistent.
Most of our vehicles are coming “directly” from our Japanese end-consumers via our own 200+ dealer outlets/showrooms almost in daily basis.

Our service mechanics in the Quality Assurance division will conduct a thorough inspection on your vehicle professionally to ensure all functions are good to go before shipment by checking engine, oil, suspension, brakes, tires, wiper blades and other parts as our regular pre-delivery inspection. This will be proceeded once order and T/T remittance are confirmed by our staff.